Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations
Pip is back in the blacksmith's forge. In some sense, this puts Joe at the center of the novel—the one constant around which the action and characters revolve
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Review of Asian StudiesReview of Asian Studies
Furthermore, because of the influence of Daoism, his utopia ended up separated not only from patriarchy but also from the human world. The politics of female emancipation he promoted is of an “equal but separate” kind
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Ivan denisovichIvan denisovich
Draw a map of the layout of the camp and work site. Be sure to mark every spot Shukhov visited
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‘Cultural depth-charges’‘Cultural depth-charges’
Nevil Shute’s a town Like Alice and Leslie Greener’s No Time to Look Back, follows Watt in examining the progressive ‘mythification’ through a novel and a film of a series of actual events involving prisoners of war of the Japanese
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