Susan Hunt Buckert Topics in LiteratureSusan Hunt Buckert Topics in Literature
This unit is designed for an 11th grade, college prep level American Literature and Composition course taught on a 4 x 4 block schedule
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American Literature since 1865American Literature since 1865
Due to the vast array of texts that will be read during the semester, students should readily develop an appreciation for the varied nature and complexity of American literature
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Al 201-survey of american literature: syllabusAl 201-survey of american literature: syllabus
Further, we will not even begin to cover the hundreds of American ethnic groups who have contributed to what we call “American literature.”
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International ThemeInternational Theme
A slave Girl (1861). This autobiographical writing addresses white middle-class women and describes the double-fold plight of being a slave and a woman at the same time
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Mark Twain: \"Cradle Skeptic\" Revised version (Sept. 1997)Mark Twain: "Cradle Skeptic" Revised version (Sept. 1997)
University of North Texas. There, under the mentorship, friendship, and daunting professionalism of David Kestersen, Martha Nichols, and most particularly, my committee chair, James T. F
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