Environmental and periodization issuesEnvironmental and periodization issues
Neolithic Revolution that almost certainly happened independently in different places over a large span of time. Although the Neolithic Revolution was one of the most significant Marker Events in world history
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Rise of Agriculture & Origins of Civilization highlightsRise of Agriculture & Origins of Civilization highlights
Different phases of biological evolution as people spread over most parts of the world
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Ap world History Course SyllabusAp world History Course Syllabus
Students will complete mandatory work during the summer prior to their sophomore year that will include reading and writing assignments
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Non-Western Courses SemestersNon-Western Courses Semesters
Arabic and will assist in developing some basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The course will deal mainly with Modern Standard Arabic which is the formal language spoken in the Arab world
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Mrs. Zoraida Velez Mrs. Teresa CunninghamMrs. Zoraida Velez Mrs. Teresa Cunningham
You can also examine our school web pages for more information about the course. Please feel free to send either of us an email during the summer if you have any questions
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