Ndi 2013 – 6ws – schmitt kritik negativeNdi 2013 – 6ws – schmitt kritik negative
Ethical confrontation with the other leads to their extermination -political enmity solves
240.32 Kb. 6
The Jean Monnet Program Professor J. H. H. WeilerThe Jean Monnet Program Professor J. H. H. Weiler
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University
104.71 Kb. 1
World Suffering Conceptualization, Measurement, and FindingsWorld Suffering Conceptualization, Measurement, and Findings
Paper presented at the 2011 annual meetings of the American Association for Public Opinion Research
192.6 Kb. 3
Marcel Mauss a general Theory of MagicMarcel Mauss a general Theory of Magic
This translation is based on the edition published in Sociologie et anthropologie, 1950
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