The french revolution and napoleonThe french revolution and napoleon
Different models of political sovereignty affected the relationship among states and between states and individuals
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Global 2 Honors Mr. Doran The French Revolution OutlineGlobal 2 Honors Mr. Doran The French Revolution Outline
Enlightenment. The Revolution also led to a 25 year period of war and conflict in Europe, a period that was both destructive and innovatory. In this section you should
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Document Based Question – dbq learning How to Write a dbq task #1Document Based Question – dbq learning How to Write a dbq task #1
Task #1 – Deconstructing the question. Specifically and in your own words describe what the question is asking you to do. Start by circling the directive words. Use the Historical Background to help you in this process
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FR322- 0913112 fr322- revolution and EmpireFR322- 0913112 fr322- revolution and Empire
Citoyen, were not ignored in the works of playwrights influenced by Enlightenment writers such as Montaigne and Voltaire. Neither were the consequent, and continuous, over the following four years
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Anatomy of Revolution ObjectiveAnatomy of Revolution Objective
Objective: To examine the French Revolution in chronological detail in order to assess its evolution, ultimate outcomes, successes and failures
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Estates-General Three EstatesEstates-General Three Estates
A major revolutionary idea spread throughout Europe by the French armies during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period was that
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Is a genuine and transparent process of mining contracts renegotiation possible in the drc?Is a genuine and transparent process of mining contracts renegotiation possible in the drc?
If there is a country where the paradox of plenty and poverty is so manifest it has to be the Democratic Republic of Congo (drc). The Drc is intensely rich in natural resources, most famously for its minerals
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Advance edited versionAdvance edited version
Given the multitude of actors involved in the conflict and the continuation of these crimes, the international community, in cooperation with the Congolese authorities
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Long-term Causes of the French RevolutionLong-term Causes of the French Revolution
The wide social and economic gap between ordinary citizens (known as the Third Estate) and the country’s elite, the Catholic clergy (First Estate) and aristocracy
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The French Revolution (1789–1799) Key People & Terms PeopleThe French Revolution (1789–1799) Key People & Terms People
A general in the French army and leader of the 1799 coup that overthrew the Directory. Napoleon’s accession marked the end of the French Revolution and the beginning of Napoleonic France and Europe
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Lecture Notes The French Revolution PreludeLecture Notes The French Revolution Prelude
Recall that the French King Louis XIV (r. 1643-1715) had epitomized the ideal of an absolute monarch
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JJflj ljj j: ( 1 do)) audio the Loss of Blood BeginsJJflj ljj j: ( 1 do)) audio the Loss of Blood Begins
Louis heard the news, he exclaimed, "Then it's a revolt?" "No, sire," replied the duke bearing the news, "it's a revolution!" The French Revolution had begun. Listen to the Witness History audio to hear more about the fall of the Bastille
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The French RevolutionThe French Revolution
After a Reign of Terror bled France, Napoleon Bonaparte took over the country and ruled as a military dictator. Napoleon’s thirst for an Empire eventually led to his downfall, as overexpansion and war losses led twice to his exile
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Vii. Causes of the French RevolutionVii. Causes of the French Revolution
The Bastille was a symbol to the people of France representing years of abuse by the monarchy
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