In the high court of south africa cape of good hope provincial divisionIn the high court of south africa cape of good hope provincial division
They were charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of rape in that, using a firearm, they kidnapped and raped the complainant on 22 August 2001 near Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
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The Centre for Spatial EconomicsThe Centre for Spatial Economics
The multiplier is sufficiently large that growth or contractions in the industry can be readily observed in statistics on the Canadian economy. While the industry is now largely concentrated in Ontario, its impact can, nevertheless
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From the wisconsin blue book – 1962From the wisconsin blue book – 1962
Wisconsin in the Defense Program" by R. S. Kingsley, 1943 Wisconsin Blue Book, pp. 151-58; “Wis­consin Government Enrolls for War" by Edward N. Hem, 1944 Wisconsin Blue Book, pp. 75-114; and "Well Done U
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€u1t~ Af\€u1t~ Af'- n in the high court of south africa
In terms of s 3(b)(ii) of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Ace:­
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General assembly of north carolina session 2001 session law 2001-508 house bill 168General assembly of north carolina session 2001 session law 2001-508 house bill 168
Ts to a wholly owned unincorporated entity, as recommended by the general statutes commission, to amend the indemnification provisions of the patient's bill of rights
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Teesside business school international economic perspectivesTeesside business school international economic perspectives
The diagram includes the major perspectives on the business environment, but other perspectives such as the natural environment could easily be added
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General assembly of north carolina 1993 sessionGeneral assembly of north carolina 1993 session
An act to comply with federal law by revising the bingo stamp method of ensuring that for-hire vehicles operated in this state in interstate commerce are insured and to make technical changes to the motor carrier laws
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The state respondent appeal judgmentThe state respondent appeal judgment
The appellant was convicted by the Regional Court, Zwelitsha, on charges of culpable homicide and failing to obey a road traffic sign by driving in excess of the prescribed speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour respectivel
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Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935
An Act to consolidate certain Acts relating to the criminal law; and for other purposes
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Luis trigo de marais plaintiffLuis trigo de marais plaintiff
On the 7th October 2005 the Respondent obtained a default judgment herein. The 1st Respondent had issued a combined summons against the applicant dated 20th May 2005
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In the supreme court of appeal of south africaIn the supreme court of appeal of south africa
Summary: Criminal procedure – discharge at close of prosecution case – when required whether on facts appellant proved to be guilty
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