Manifesto for democracyManifesto for democracy
A declaration by William Thompson and the oppressed people of this nation- 6 May 1649
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Building a german nationBuilding a german nation
Otto von Bismark spoke to the Germany’s parliament and delivered his “Blood and iron” speech that set the tone for the nations unification. That Prussia was to be its head in this move
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Canadian Senate Elections SummaryCanadian Senate Elections Summary
St. John’s-Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was the Canadian High School Debate champion, along with the World Extemporaneous Speaking Champion
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Chapter 2 – The Achievement of Confederation, 1860-1867Chapter 2 – The Achievement of Confederation, 1860-1867
Britain no longer depended on its colonies and thus encouraged the colonies to become more economically and politically independent
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Massive Reparations The Allies blamed Germany for World War I and wanted to punish the country. They demanded that Germany pay $33 billion in reparations to the Allies
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Electoral College mechanicsElectoral College mechanics
President and Vice President. These Presidential Electors in turn cast the official (electoral) votes for those two offices. Although the nationwide popular vote is calculated by official and media organizations
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The division of GermanyThe division of Germany
The Western powers tried to block Communist expansion in the areas under their control. The Soviets imposed barriers against communication, trade, and travel between East and West
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How far do the early problems of the Weimar Republic suggest that it was doomed from the start?
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Moves to Munich the war starts and he joins the German army salvation for Hitler
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