Post-Human Intelligence; starting an avalanche with a pebblePost-Human Intelligence; starting an avalanche with a pebble
What I would like to explore in this paper is the next step; the awakening of a smarter-than-human, faster-than-human and ultimately unlike human
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The greatest thinker of antiquityThe greatest thinker of antiquity
He is the real founder of logic, natural history, the theory of morals, and even of economics
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Characters in the Iliad: The GreeksCharacters in the Iliad: The Greeks
Achilles = from Phthia, son of Peleus (human) and Thetis (goddess), leader of the Myrmidons, best Greek warrior. He argues with Agamemnon in the Iliad book 1 his “war prize” Briseis. He withdraws from the fighting and many Greeks die
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Sample monkeynotes forSample monkeynotes for
This is only a sample and does not contain the full text of the complete document
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Ben Franklin: The FreemasonBen Franklin: The Freemason
For this reason, there are endless records, biographies, and autobiographies discussing his great achievements. Even so, there is much about this man that is not well known
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Chapter XVI. Of its national service. ContenChapter XVI. Of its national service. Conten
The bitter opposition to Land Reform is due to the resolute determination of the landowning classes to retain their control over the men who till the soil
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Chicago tribuneChicago tribune
Most of Oscar Wilde's famous plays are works of personal obfuscation. “Salome,” the infamous tale of the revved-up young woman who danced for the pleasure of Herod and the head of John the Baptist
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Federalist Opposition To The War Of 1812Federalist Opposition To The War Of 1812
Engaged in a War That Was To End In a stalemate, Did America's Founders Miscalculate Its Military Institutions?
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Conspiracy Version 1ac notesConspiracy Version 1ac notes
It is possible for the 1ac to be read without a plan text. It is not the intent of the 1ac to actually defend the plan text but rather the affirmation of conspiracy theories
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Author: William Golding Date of PublicationAuthor: William Golding Date of Publication
War II had ended. Therefore, during this period of time, Americans were getting used to the times after the war, which had increases in industries and population
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Queen Elizabeth I: The golden age of Tudor EnglandQueen Elizabeth I: The golden age of Tudor England
Italian and Spanish. At the age of eleven she came under the tutelage (師門) of William Grindal and, after his death in 1548, of Roger Ascham, one of the most famous educators of his age
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