Department of English Course Offerings Autumn 2015Department of English Course Offerings Autumn 2015
Students will write three assignments, do weekly informal writing, and participate in small group and large group discussions. Required Texts: Making Sense: a real-World Rhetorical Reader, 3rd edition
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Angela Carter’s BristolAngela Carter’s Bristol
The Bristol trilogy’. The three texts that make up the set are: Shadow Dance (1966), Several Perceptions (1968) and Love (1971). They not only share a background but also a concern with the sinister underside of the ‘swinging 60s’
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Mayor Jacobs’ Acceptance SpeechMayor Jacobs’ Acceptance Speech
Mayor jacobs: Thank you. Thank you, my colleagues. Thank you, Stacy and Marty. Just amazing comments. Thank you so much for your faith and trust in me to lead our County through this next year
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The death of HardingThe death of Harding
Harding died of either a heart attack or a stroke at 7: 35 p m on August 2, 1923. The formal announcement, printed in the New York Times of that day, stated that a stroke of apoplexy was the cause of death
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Many subjects, such as political science and sociology, which were once regarded as part of the study of economics, have today become separate disciplines, although the study of any one generally implies a working knowledge of the others
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By Niccolo MachiavelliBy Niccolo Machiavelli
Each class learned to express their thoughts and ideas in their works. In opposition to the Renaissance artists, Renaissance writers became more fundamental in expressing their thoughts and ideas by reverting to the “head” over the “heart
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Back to the future: a symposium on the continuing influence of philosophical thought on twenty-first century organizations: part IIBack to the future: a symposium on the continuing influence of philosophical thought on twenty-first century organizations: part II
International journal of organization theory and behavior, 6(2),226-318 summer 2003
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Thods of fighting, the one by law, the other by force; the first method is of men, the second of beasts; but because the first is frequently not sufficient, one must have recourse to the second
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Guidelines for Research ProjectGuidelines for Research Project
Each student will create a final project and a paper that he/she will present to the class in some fashion and an annotated bibliography for all sources using mla format. Students should work individually
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