Pdhpe I have a dreamPdhpe I have a dream
Students analyse their personal values and then write a speech outlining their hopes and dreams for diversity within their local community. The students record their speech using a webcam before uploading both the written speech and their webcast
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Africa – pt 2 Africa during the European EraAfrica – pt 2 Africa during the European Era
Africa’s vast geography has resulted in a huge variety of cultures. Despite this variety, one of the common features of most African cultures is the central value of the village, extended family, clan, or kin group to each culture
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Under Threat: Academics Documenting Human Rights Abuses The Case of Argentine Professor William SillUnder Threat: Academics Documenting Human Rights Abuses The Case of Argentine Professor William Sill
Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Valle de la Luna) and its subsequent naming as a unesco world Heritage Site. On the list of his accomplishments was one I did not understand, “a defender of human rights.”1
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Visual Evidence: The Gothic Cathedral at ChartresVisual Evidence: The Gothic Cathedral at Chartres
Analysis and Outside Sources sections. Each section is designed to build upon the one before it, taking you progressively deeper into the subject you are studying
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Themes in julius caesarThemes in julius caesar
Roman Republic. They assassinate Caesar before he can be crowned king. The irony is that Caesar's death results in civil war. As two factions with questionable motives grab for power, chaos ensues and the Republic is never the same again
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Gothic literatureGothic literature
Castle of Otranto (1765). The genre takes its name from Otranto's medieval–or Gothic–setting; early Gothic novelists tended to set their novels in remote times like the Middle Ages and in remote places like Italy
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Citation: Spiro, Jonathan P. "Conservation." Dictionary of American History. Ed. Stanley I. Kutler. 3rd ed. Vol. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2003. 366-372. Student Resources in Context. Web
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Uman: diamond of Cherkasy Region Class TeacherUman: diamond of Cherkasy Region Class Teacher
Class Teacher: Good afternoon students! I am glad to inform that today you are to present the results of your research on the project “Uman: diamond of Cherkasy Region”. So, you are welcome!
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The anthropomorphic challenge in tanakhThe anthropomorphic challenge in tanakh
Tanakh ascribes to God. Most of us, however, are content to think of this important rule as a simple one, not carrying our analysis beyond the point which the Rambam explains
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Loch Ness MonsterLoch Ness Monster
Nessie redirects here. For other uses, see Loch Ness Monster (disambiguation) and Nessie
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German cultureGerman culture
Hitler. The horrific images of the Holocaust come to mind, as well as the words “power” and “Nazi’s”. It is amazing how an event such as wwii, which ended in the year 1945, still continues to have lasting effects on people
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3M: Co history Doubles Packet Three: you know you want me, baby!3M: Co history Doubles Packet Three: you know you want me, baby!
Renaissance. This man's 2002 bestseller claimed that Admiral Zheng He's fleets were the first to reach the Americas and circumnavigate the globe. For 10 points, name this eccentric pseudohistorian author of 1421
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Professor Shapiro Art 108 FridayProfessor Shapiro Art 108 Friday
Parthenon and the Pantheon, I became more knowledgeable about the similarities they share despite being built nearly half a century apart
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