Anticandidate note from the electronic editor : 1Anticandidate note from the electronic editor : 1
Introduction to the electronic edition, mandated and overseen by little, brown and company or ipublish. Com or whatever the actual vector here might be 1
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Hwa Chong Institution 3P3 Debating ChampionshipsHwa Chong Institution 3P3 Debating Championships
The format for the debates in the Championships is three speakers a side with only two teams in each debate. The proposition starts the debate. For teams with four speakers
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Henry Ford InterviewHenry Ford Interview
Ford has changed the world, made it completely different from what it was before him? Who more than Henry Ford has given form to our way of life?
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Media Planning and Buying Philosophy Mission / End ResultsMedia Planning and Buying Philosophy Mission / End Results
Media planning and buying is approached with an eye to the marketing goals and how best to achieve set media goals
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Guidelines on Writing a Market Research BriefGuidelines on Writing a Market Research Brief
Writing a brief can often be a very challenging and time consuming process – especially for first timers. However it is essential in order to get the best possible solution for your research needs. Below are some guidelines to help clients put together a
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