The Decision To Use the Atomic BombThe Decision To Use the Atomic Bomb
Intercepted internal Japanese government communications seen in War Department magic reports (Alperovitz 23) and Japanese communications with diplomats and military attachés around the world indicate that the only thing impeding Japanese surrender was the Allied
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Michael Lacewing Just war theoryMichael Lacewing Just war theory
However, just war theory claims that war can, under certain conditions, be morally justified. Pacifism argues that war is never morally justified. Realism says that moral concepts cannot be applied to questions of war
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Parkview Health manual: Nursing Clinical Practice ManualParkview Health manual: Nursing Clinical Practice Manual
Policy & Procedure Title: blood draws and cultures from patients with a central venous access device (cvad)
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Guide to Personal FinancesGuide to Personal Finances
It can also mean the difference between being approved for a loan with either low or high interest rate. A high interest rate would mean that scheduled payments for the loan would be much higher than somebody making the same payments with a low
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Victorian Pit-Children National CurriculumVictorian Pit-Children National Curriculum
An in depth local history study from a period of British history which can go beyond 1066
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Karen Spears Professor MooneyKaren Spears Professor Mooney
Atlantic in 1630, headed for a new future free from the religious persecution from the Church of England. The culmination of the puritan-Calvinist theology/ideology, basic puritan views of the New World, the landscape
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Speech to the Third ArmySpeech to the Third Army
He strove for the perfection of leadership indicated in his own words, "It lurks invisible in that vitalizing spark, intangible, yet as evident as the lightning; the warrior soul."
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Public health councilPublic health council
Leary, Ms. Lucilia Prates Ramos, Mr. José Rafael Rivera, Mr. Albert Sherman, Dr. Michael Wong, Dr. Alan C. Woodward. Absent Members were: Ms. Helen Caulton-Harris, Dr. Muriel Gillick, Dr. Meredith Rosenthal, and Dr
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The firearms policy advisory committeeThe firearms policy advisory committee
In September 2007, the Firearms Safety Advisory Committee, chaired by Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter French, and composed of university faculty, students and staff members
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Template and Guidance on Preparing an Initiation Package for Endangered Species Act ConsultationTemplate and Guidance on Preparing an Initiation Package for Endangered Species Act Consultation
Template and Guidance on Preparing an Initiation Package for Endangered Species Act Consultation1
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General medical or dental treatmentGeneral medical or dental treatment
A minor (i e., a person under the age of 18) has the same capacity as an adult to consent to medical or dental treatment if minor
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Lab 4: Recrystallization ObjectivesLab 4: Recrystallization Objectives
Since the impurities are usually present in much smaller amounts than the compound being crystallized, most of the impurities will remain dissolved in the solvent even when it is cooled
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Notes for oedipus the kingNotes for oedipus the king
Cadmus: mythical founder of Thebes (see also the note at line 1533 of Oedipus at Colonus)
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In Turmoil, Capitalism in U. S. Sets New CourseIn Turmoil, Capitalism in U. S. Sets New Course
Great Depression, is prompting a Republican Treasury secretary and Federal Reserve chairman to devise the most muscular government intervention in the economy since the Great Depression in an effort to prevent the economic devastation of the
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User’s Guide 3rd Edition (Electronic Distribution)User’s Guide 3rd Edition (Electronic Distribution)
The development of the pas was supported by a grant from the Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health
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