History 141: History of East Asia in the Pre-modern Era (Fall 2005)History 141: History of East Asia in the Pre-modern Era (Fall 2005)
Lecture: Philip Brown
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Course MaterialsCourse Materials
China: a cultural, Social, and Political History, by Patricia B. Ebrey 0618133879
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Chinese civilization in historical perspectiveChinese civilization in historical perspective
Copies of these books are also on reserve at Frost Library. A collection of Readings, Part I and Part II, will be available at the History Department Office, Chapin 11. There will be a fee to cover the expense of photo-copying
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Ming DynastyMing Dynasty
Border States, demanding that they recognize the Chinese emperor as the Son of Heaven. The Chinese ambassadors and accomplished this by having emissaries collected tribute from Japan, Korea, Annam (Vietnam), Champa
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Cloisonné jar, decorated with dragons and imperial mark. China, Ming dynasty, Xuande mark and period, 1426–1435
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