Title of documentaryTitle of documentary
The video dramatizes many of the scenes from the text, including the famous allegory of the cave. The Republic is an excellent introduction to both Plato and the Athenian world, and the book's fundamental questions still resonate today
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November. 23,2011 May. 26, 1972 salt I nuclear Treaty SignedNovember. 23,2011 May. 26, 1972 salt I nuclear Treaty Signed
The Cold War had many events during the 1970’s that made an impact; a major impact was in December 1979. The Soviet Union decided to invade and occupy Afghanistan
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Ancient Rome Project Learning TargetAncient Rome Project Learning Target
Learning Target: To be able to summarize and place in order the major event in Ancient Rome history
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The conspiracy of catilineThe conspiracy of catiline
B. C. Catiline prevented from running for Consul because of extortion trial. He is acquitted
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