History! It\History! It's the most fun you can have in school!
There are at least two goals in A. P. European history: to learn the history of Europe from about 1450 to the recent past and to prepare for the A. P. examination in European history. My own goals include getting to know you and having fun
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Relevance and Irrelevance of Marxian EcomomicsRelevance and Irrelevance of Marxian Ecomomics
Marxism-Leninism”: a deterministic picture of history, an economic picture of society and a mechanical understanding of dialectics as an eternal set of “laws of development” constructions which served above all as instruments of ideological justification for
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In our educational psychology class we have learned that music differs from country to country just as the cultures in these countries differIn our educational psychology class we have learned that music differs from country to country just as the cultures in these countries differ
We specifically looked at the genres; Country, Folk, Salsa, Jazz, Rock and Roll, and Hip Hop. We look at the regions around them and the cultures that affect and are affected by these genres in our research
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Kurt vonnegut, jrKurt vonnegut, jr
This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise
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17,324 words/May 198717,324 words/May 1987
Crash of 1929 happen again? Of course it can. Would such a crash trigger a worldwide depression like that of the 1930s? To deny this too confidently would be to repeat the overconfidence of 1929. But the world is different today
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The ten commandments the first commandmentThe ten commandments the first commandment
We should fear and love God, so that we do not curse, swear, practice witchcraft, lie or deceive by His name, but call upon Him in every trouble, pray, praise and give thanks
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Workers of all countries, unite !Workers of all countries, unite !
Position of the aucpb in relation to the statement of russian president dmitry medvedev, devoted to the day of memory to victims of the political repressions
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B parashat hashavua bB parashat hashavua b
The Best of Parashat HaShavuah” Articles taken from list subscriptions on the internet, edited, reformatted and printed for members of Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
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Critical notes on the political philosophers of modernityCritical notes on the political philosophers of modernity
But since “there cannot be good laws where there are not good arms, and where there are good arms there must be good laws, I will not now discuss the laws, but will speak of the arms” (Prince, XII)
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Millie SingerMillie Singer
German. I grew up in Germany. We lived in Stockberg that time, my parents. When I was growing up, my father past away when I was eleven months old, he past away
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Planescape Campaign Setting Chapter 8: And BeyondPlanescape Campaign Setting Chapter 8: And Beyond
Planes would follow, like a snowball at the top of a mountain making for an avalanche. No one’s gotten a strong enough grip on the city though to test that theory out yet, and I’m rather glad for that myself
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