Name total points /14Name total points /14
Choose one positive from your chart and explain why you feel this is very important
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Railroads and a Cross of Gold us history/Napp NameRailroads and a Cross of Gold us history/Napp Name
The railroads also entered into formal agreements to fix prices, which helped keep farmers in their debt. In addition, they charged different customers different rates
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Author: Cynthia B. Goldberg SchoolAuthor: Cynthia B. Goldberg School
Did America really welcome European immigrants to its shores between the years of 1840 and 1925?
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Irish Potato Famine Lesson Plan MaterialsIrish Potato Famine Lesson Plan Materials
Hook- saratoga Chips Skit (5 minutes)- choose a few outgoing kids to do the skit. It basically just introduces how potato chips came into being. The skit is factual and should be on their level
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Islamic Expansion Review Guide Part 1: TimelineIslamic Expansion Review Guide Part 1: Timeline
Complete the timeline below by plotting the dates in the correct order. Then, answer the multiple choice questions below based on the timeline. Be sure to place the events in the correct sequence according to the basic principles of a
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Name: Class PeriodName: Class Period
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