An introduction to migration and empireAn introduction to migration and empire
Australia, Canada and parts of the British Empire. Many of these emigrants were young. Although the origins of this dispersal have been popularly thought to have been rural, a result of the Highland Clearances
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The War for Independence, 1774 – 1783 Chapter 6The War for Independence, 1774 – 1783 Chapter 6
After the Boston Tea Party, most observers recognized the upcoming crisis but, many still hoped for a peaceful solution
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The last crusade, The Somme, March 1918The last crusade, The Somme, March 1918
The Somme, March 1918: On the 10th of February 1918, the 16th (Irish) Division lost its much respected commander Major General Hickie through illness. His replacement was an old friend of his named Major General Sir Amyat Hull
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Cold war conflictCold war conflict
Wwii as a superpower with both having different ideas of how the world should look. For the United States they wanted a form of government to spread across Europe that had democracy. For the Soviet Union
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