Age of Jackson Notes Name Mrs. WilkinsonAge of Jackson Notes Name Mrs. Wilkinson
Andrew Jackson won both the popular and electoral votes but not by a majority. Therefore, the House of Representatives had to decide who the next president would be from the top three candidates
14.74 Kb. 1
Chapter 3 a more Perfect Union Lesson 1Chapter 3 a more Perfect Union Lesson 1
The Quock Walker case demonstrated that slavery would not be tolerated in Massachusetts and contributed to the end of slavery in Massachusetts
38.68 Kb. 1
Noaa in Your State LouisianaNoaa in Your State Louisiana
The following is a summary of noaa programs based in, and focused on, your state or territory. The entries are listed by statewide, region, and then by congressional districts and cities or towns.”
52.08 Kb. 1
The Jeffersonian EraThe Jeffersonian Era
Horseshoe Bend in Alabama, while General William Henry Harrison defeated Indians in the Old Northwest at the Battle of the Thames
73.57 Kb. 10


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