Why the future doesn\Why the future doesn't need us
Our most powerful 21st-century technologies robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech are threatening to make humans an endangered species
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J. R. Nola cas 137h secJ. R. Nola cas 137h sec
Civil War, Pearl Harbor and wwii are just a few. Similarly, 9/11 has influenced the thoughts, actions, and ideals of Americans more than any event in recent history, and in particular
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William hardenWilliam harden
Library Association which organized in 1876. Mary Davenport became his wife in 1879. Harden wrote a history of Savannah and South Georgia in two volumes and Recollections of a Long and Satisfactory Life in 1931
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Claim/ Thesis: All three of the orators really appealed to the audience’s emotions. All of them new that they were put in tough situations to speakClaim/ Thesis: All three of the orators really appealed to the audience’s emotions. All of them new that they were put in tough situations to speak
They way Pericles made his audience proud to be Athenian’s and proud to be there listening to him speak shows how he used the technique of pathos to get his message across more effectively than Lincoln and Bush
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Statement Commemorating September 11Statement Commemorating September 11
Officials believe that the terrorists on that plane intended to destroy either the White House or the U. S. Capitol, and evidence indicates that passengers on this flight resisted the terrorists’ efforts to carry out such a plan
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The birth of the new leftThe birth of the new left
Hungary, gave birth to an independent anti-colonialist Left and sounded the death-knell for unthinking obedience to the Kremlin. It also marked the development of a new ideological opposition to Zionism and the start of a haemorrhaging of support for the state of
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Colonial AmericaColonial America
From the accompanying documents, analyze and evaluate the character, the contributions and the moral contradictions of the New England Puritans
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Day(s) TopicDay(s) Topic
Expose students to the Creation-Fall-Redemption model of a Christian worldview. Get them to contrast that with a secular worldview
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Original Ten Standard Orders by John KrebsOriginal Ten Standard Orders by John Krebs
The 1994 National fba workshop included a visit to Mann Gulch. As we sat overlooking those 13 crosses, our thoughts were that this kind of event would not happen again because our knowledge of fire behavior and our emphasis on training had
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R. M. S. TitanicR. M. S. Titanic
New York on April 10, 1912. The paint on her strakes was fair and bright; she was fresh from Harland and Wolff’s Belfast yards, strong in the strength of her forty-six thousand tons of steel, bent, hammered, shaped
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