Hist 592 Corey Capers Summer 2010 University Hall 1009, uic mon and th, 1 – 4: 15 (c) 773-576-5956Hist 592 Corey Capers Summer 2010 University Hall 1009, uic mon and th, 1 – 4: 15 (c) 773-576-5956
While we will certainly address pedagogical issues, our main focus will be the questions historians ask and the answers they come up with. To that end, we will discuss one book in common during each class meeting
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The Changing ‘American Dream’ Eleventh Grade HonorsThe Changing ‘American Dream’ Eleventh Grade Honors
Most of the students aspire to go onto college in two years and are bright, motivated students. There is a range of strengths, with some of the students having a strong inclination towards history as well as English
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Apprentice TeachingApprentice Teaching
Your portfolio is a culminating project for the uteach Dallas Certification Program. It demonstrates what you have learned through your teaching and learning experiences and how you have developed into a teacher ready for certification in the state
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American Indian Studies Archived InformationAmerican Indian Studies Archived Information
This article examines whether American Indian Studies for Educators, an online graduate level course, offers students background knowledge that encourages the integration of Montana’s Indian Education for All mandate
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Forage Management Unit ForewordForage Management Unit Foreword
Html format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary for reading pdf formatted files and may be installed by opening the main Forage Management cd and double-clicking on the Adobe Acrobat 05 Setup icon for pc installation or double-clicking on the Adobe Mac Setup icon
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Development Education Programme: Teachers GuideDevelopment Education Programme: Teachers Guide
The goal is for children to become more aware of the world they live in and about children’s lives from different parts of the world. It is hoped that children will in turn put their knowledge into action and become active global citizens
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