In the news by vander kokIn the news by vander kok
Rhode island catholic church bans patrick kennedy communion b/C of his position o ‎
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Requiem For a Dream? Three Books on CommunismRequiem For a Dream? Three Books on Communism
The Red Flag. Communism and the Making of the Modern World. David Priestland. Allen Lane 2009. The Rise and Fall of Communism. Archie Brown. The Bodley Head. 2009. The New Civilisation? Understanding Stalin’s Soviet Union
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Iraq is George Bush’s VietnamIraq is George Bush’s Vietnam
George Bush’s declaration of the cessation of major combat. Yet, to Iraq there had come no peace. Reduction of coalition forces had stopped, as violence rose. For Americans, these were the most deadly days of the war
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Election manifesto of the communist party of indiaElection manifesto of the communist party of india
Now these very looters, the corporate houses are trying to foist on the country a regime that is more subservient to them. For this, they are ready to destroy even the democratic system and its secular fabric
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