Eastern Insights: Cultivating Our Humanity in Nature’s Starlit GardenEastern Insights: Cultivating Our Humanity in Nature’s Starlit Garden
The majority of the world's population is in the Eastern hemisphere, & the fastest economic growth for the last several decades has been there too
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Treatment of the SlavesTreatment of the Slaves
Perhaps one-fourth of the slaves never survived the trip to the New World. Because perhaps 10 million slaves were taken from Africa to all the colonies in the Western Hemisphere between 1600 and 1830 it can safely be assumed that 5 million of them died along
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Story of the counties of north carolinaStory of the counties of north carolina
This second colony goes down into the utter mists of history as "The Lost Colony of Roanoke"; the first "City of Raleigh" having been royally planned to be on that island; where the only sign left of it is "old Fort Raleigh
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Review of Policy on Socially Responsible InvestmentReview of Policy on Socially Responsible Investment
A court group was established by the Secretary of Court in March 2009, comprising Robin Easton (chair), Susan Ashworth, Susan Dunsmore, Eleanor Gordon and Gavin Lee
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Standards: How the West Was WonStandards: How the West Was Won
President Theodore Roosevelt’s four-volume account, The Winning of the West (1889-1896), colorfully details the drama, determination and daring adventures of those pioneers, cowboys, and cavalry who led America’s expansion westward
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