Topics in ancient philosophyTopics in ancient philosophy
Ma students without previous acquaintance with ancient philosophy should especially read the two items of secondary reading listed below under ‘Preparatory Reading’
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Trent University 2011S12: Summer 2011Trent University 2011S12: Summer 2011
Please note: My office is only accessible by stairs. Please contact me if this poses an accessibility problem and we will work out appropriate accommodations
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**Sections in yellow need to be checked ma/ba module on Political Power, 2015-16**Sections in yellow need to be checked ma/ba module on Political Power, 2015-16
Is it inherently relational? What distinguishes political power from power of other kinds? Is power distinct from violence? In this module we shall address these and other questions by examining a series of influential interpretations of
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Lecture scheduleLecture schedule
Another question concerns the nature of moral values: do they exist objectively, as part of the fabric of the world, or are they instead subjective creatures of our sensibilities? In week 10 we round up by considering arguments for and against
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Fiction and LanguageFiction and Language
We begin with background on reference and ‘empty’ (non-referring) names (Part II), then move to consider various accounts designed to address fictional names
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History of PhilosophyHistory of Philosophy
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