California state university, sacramentoCalifornia state university, sacramento
The University is organized around eight colleges. There are approximately 1,700 faculty who provide programs of instruction leading towards bachelor’s degrees in 60 disciplines and Master’s degrees in 40 disciplines, two joint doctoral
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Press release september 18, 2012Press release september 18, 2012
Sacramento, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed into law a bill that significantly enhances California’s economic growth and global competitiveness by reauthorizing the California Community College’s Workforce and Economic Development
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Press release may 20, 2013Press release may 20, 2013
Centers for International Trade Development program recognized for increasing U. S. exports
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Regions WorksheetsRegions Worksheets
Today, it's more important than ever that we show our students what it means to be citizens of this nation that respect, caring, responsibility, fairness, courage, and honesty are the pillars that make us strong
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Fukushima Daiichi Meltdown, Cleanup, and Liabilities By: Matt DanielsFukushima Daiichi Meltdown, Cleanup, and Liabilities By: Matt Daniels
This paper examines the unique dangers of nuclear accidents, any international obligations to assist Japan, and discusses the liabilities a disaster such as this would create if it occurred in the United States
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Press release march 21, 2012Press release march 21, 2012
Local initiative in line with Student Success Task Force recommendations, chancellor says
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Dalits in hindu lifeDalits in hindu life
Dalit cultural assertion and literary expression, as the effects of increased educational opportunities began to work their way through the system
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The Brethren and Social EngagementThe Brethren and Social Engagement
Movement tried to maintain their membership in their original denominations, but eventually they found that they had to cut those ties. The movement spread to England, with the first Brethren assembly established at Plymouth in 1831
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