Angela carter bottle Blonde; Double DragAngela carter bottle Blonde; Double Drag
Bloody Chamber (l975), as well as in some of the contributions to Fireworks (l974); the posthumous American Ghosts, which contains a Cinderella story, told with the succinct lyrical poignancy of Carter at her most tender
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Flutter and swoopFlutter and swoop
At that point in his journey however, the narrator is just beginning to learn to tune into the confounding nature of the invisible connection between his personal reality and the historical manifestations of his cultural heritage being carried to him across time
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Bentley, chapter 33 The Great WarBentley, chapter 33 The Great War
We could hear shouts of “To Berlin!’ Even in St Petersburg the strikes and barricades of only a few days earlier seemed forgotten. The British ambassador Buchanan later spoke of ‘those wonderful early August days’ when ‘Russia seemed to have been
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