He definitely did not appear to be a violent leader, nor the evil man thousands would come to see him to be. It was his use of force, methodical planning
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Professor: Dr. Allison KeaneProfessor: Dr. Allison Keane
Germans, but also the number of other people that were affected by his actions throughout his life. If this is your thesis, you want to make it as detailed as possible. Here you needed to list the main ways in which the world was affected by Hitler life
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Did Zionism succeed in its aims?Did Zionism succeed in its aims?
Herzl termed ‘a universal idea…the restoration of the Jewish State’. 1 Zionism, an ideology rather than an achievable set of aims, remains an ongoing process in the world today
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Senate resolutionSenate resolution
By: Senators Bledsoe, Bookout, Caldwell, A. Clark, J. Dismang, J. English, J. Hendren, Hester, Hickey, Holland, J. Hutchinson, K. Ingram, Irvin, J. Key, B. King, Maloch, Rapert, D. Sanders, G. Stubblefield, Teague, E. Williams, J. Woods
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Document a sourceDocument a source
Source: Torah portion, Lekh L'kha, taken from the Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures. The Jewish Publication Society. Philadelphia, P
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Den Hemmilege MonstandDen Hemmilege Monstand
The Nazis actually believed me! An hour after they left, I brought them to my friend Charles Antonio, who’s a fisherman. He brought them over to Sweden. Still, there are many more Jews still in hiding
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