Prisoner Exchange in Jewish LawPrisoner Exchange in Jewish Law
The Rif (Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi), the Rambam (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon), the Rosh (Rabbi Asher ben Yechiel), and the Tur (Rabbi Jacob ben Asher) all rule accordingly, as does Rabbi Yosef Karo in his authoritative Shulchan Arukh
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Name: Date: Period: DirectionsName: Date: Period: Directions
Directions: Read the following overview of the Crusades and answer the questions within the text. Then read the selection from This is Our Church: a history of Catholicism and answer the questions at the end of this packet
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Racism and Anti-Semitism: Issues for Teachers and SchoolsRacism and Anti-Semitism: Issues for Teachers and Schools
The ongoing instability in the Middle East, the war in Iraq, the continuing effects of September 11th, the election of bnp councillors and increasing numbers of racist attacks have led to fear and concern amongst all minority ethnic
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The Jewish homes in Israel are not an obstacle to peace. The only obstacle to peace is the hatred of Israel's neighbors
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Mordechai AnielewiczMordechai Anielewicz
Treblinka to be murdered with poison gas in rooms disguised as showers. Some 490,000 Jews had struggled for life inside the Warsaw Ghetto. Now only 60,000 remained and these people were terribly weakened by hunger and disease
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