Corporate governance: substance over formCorporate governance: substance over form
With greater direct and indirect share ownership, the whole community is affected by corporate governance; thus it is understandable that regulators and governments will be especially concerned to address this issue
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Chapter 2: the economyChapter 2: the economy
Growth in the New South Wales economy slowed in 2008-09 initially due to higher domestic interest rates and subsequently in the face of the global financial crisis
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Philippians, Letter to the fi- lipee- uhnz [προσ φιλιππησιουσ Pros Philippesious]Philippians, Letter to the fi- lipee- uhnz [προσ φιλιππησιουσ Pros Philippesious]
As he awaits the resolution of his case, Paul encourages the Philippians to stand firm as they face their own adversity, and offers an array of examples—Paul himself, Christ, Timothy
31.43 Kb. 1

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