Fy 2015 grant application guidelinesFy 2015 grant application guidelines
Examples of in kind match may include inventory, supplies, equipment, tools or vehicles that are part of the activity of the business
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Econ2202 Britain and the Industrial RevolutionEcon2202 Britain and the Industrial Revolution
All material reproduced herein has been copied in accordance with and pursuant to a statutory licence administered by Copyright Agency Limited (cal)
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Intellectual property policy and proceduresIntellectual property policy and procedures
This itb ip policy (ip policy) is intended to provide support and guidance regarding commercial exploitation, ownership and income from ip and the use of itb facilities and resources to ensure that the development of ip is mutually beneficial for personnel
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Ud reference Number: University of Delaware Invention Disclosure Form instructionsUd reference Number: University of Delaware Invention Disclosure Form instructions
Delaware faculty, staff, and students seeking to protect their inventions and pursue potential application of their technology with the University are requested to complete this form electronically when a new invention has been made and the invention is considered
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Student Employee Handbook 2015 – 2016Student Employee Handbook 2015 – 2016
Jmu student and a student employee will be rewarding. The contributions you make in your student position significantly affect the success of the university in attaining the central mission
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Japanese houses — readingJapanese houses — reading
Students read a description of a Japanese house written in Japanese and answer questions in English
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