Before filling in your application form, please read the Sponsorship GuidelinesBefore filling in your application form, please read the Sponsorship Guidelines
The aim of the Ipswich City Council’s Event Sponsorship Program is to position the City of Ipswich as a significant event destination in partnership with community groups/organisations who make positive contributions to the quality of life in the local
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Application for study abroadApplication for study abroad
Application for Academic Year: Circle: Fall (Oct-Dec) / Spring (Jan-Jun) / Full Year
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Office Hours: By appointment Online availabilityOffice Hours: By appointment Online availability
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The political changes between the 1920s and the 1980s were most directly the result of the
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Hundred years warHundred years war
During the Late Middle Ages, Western Europe was torn apart by political as well as religious disputes. For centuries, England’s monarchs had ruled areas of France. France’s kings, however, wanted to unite these lands with their kingdom
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Mrs. Zoraida Velez Mrs. Teresa CunninghamMrs. Zoraida Velez Mrs. Teresa Cunningham
You can also examine our school web pages for more information about the course. Please feel free to send either of us an email during the summer if you have any questions
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