Whap – Chapter 13 Big Picture & Margin Review Big PictureWhap – Chapter 13 Big Picture & Margin Review Big Picture
Assume for the moment that the Chinese had not ended their maritime voyages in 1433. How might the subsequent development of world history have been different? Is there value in asking this kind of “what if” or counterfactual question?
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Explain how the Ming Dynasty influenced world trade. The Ming Dynasty was the first and only Chinese dynasty interested in exploration and trade with the world
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Study Guide for Latin American HistoryStudy Guide for Latin American History
Who was the leader of the Aztec that welcomed a Spanish conquistador in with open arms?
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Chapter 12 Study GuideChapter 12 Study Guide
What kind of food-producing economy emerged in 4,000 B. C. E. where productive farming was difficult and what did they learn from that?
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The Incredible Incas for KidsThe Incredible Incas for Kids
The Incan Empire was located on the western side of South America. Although the Empire was huge, it can be easily divided into three geographical regions mountains, jungle, and desert
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Discovery and Settlement of the New WorldDiscovery and Settlement of the New World
Directions: Complete the reading provided and answer the following questions. All answers must be in complete sentences to receive credit. As you read the article
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The Inca Empire (or Inka Empire) was the largest empire inThe Inca Empire (or Inka Empire) was the largest empire in
South America, centered on the Andean mountain ranges, including large parts of modern Ecuador, Peru, western and south central Bolivia, northwestArgentina, north and north-central Chile, and southern Colombia
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Spanish Conquest of the Inca CivilizationSpanish Conquest of the Inca Civilization
The Inca Empire ended shortly after the arrival of the Spanish. What factors aided the Spanish in their conquest?
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Answers guided Viewing QuestionsAnswers guided Viewing Questions
What group of people controlled most of central Mexico at the beginning of the sixteenth century? Aztec
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Inca cultureInca culture
Ad in an area which is now Peru. Before the 15th century the Andean region was populated by many different tribes of people. Under the military leadership of Pachacuti and his son Topa Inca, who were Inca emperors between 1438 and 1493
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Explorers in the late 15Explorers in the late 15
American history. Their "discoveries" in the New dispelled rumors of a northwest passage and settled ancient questions of world geography
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