Technology unit 1 Lessons 1-5 for years 9-10 curriculum level 5 making jewelleryTechnology unit 1 Lessons 1-5 for years 9-10 curriculum level 5 making jewellery
Explain their understandings of indigenous jewellery and its importance in different cultures
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Abc books Aren\Abc books Aren't for Babies!
Looking for some inspiration for an activity that will engage students from kindergarten to college while they learn? Why not challenge students to create their own abc books? Included
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Black history monthBlack history month
You have been assigned an individual who has made a mark in society. You will research your individual and then take your information and submit a report
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Deaf Character LibraryDeaf Character Library
The Deaf Character Library is a collection of fiction books with deaf or hard-of-hearing (dhh) characters or non-fiction books written about dhh people. These books are available for loan to dhh students and dhh teachers in Orange County
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Ap comparative government syllabusAp comparative government syllabus
China, Great Britain, Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Iran. These countries are taught because they are excellent examples of the six core topics of a comparative course
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1861 Where was the battle? The battle happened in Charleston, South Carolina1861 Where was the battle? The battle happened in Charleston, South Carolina
This battle was important because it was the first battle of the Civil War. The Confederate Soldiers fired the first shots on the Union troops inside Fort Sumter
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Ap english glossary of literary termsAp english glossary of literary terms
Plot includes the meaning and purpose of the events. The action in Hamlet, for example, simply begins with the guards' visitation by the Ghost and ends with the carrying out of the dead Hamlet
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Isaiah: New *Heavens and a New EarthIsaiah: New *Heavens and a New Earth
An EasyEnglish Bible Version and Commentary (2800 word vocabulary) on Isaiah chapters 24 to 27
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Department of elementary and secondary educationDepartment of elementary and secondary education
Where does your family usually spend time during the week?
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The anthropocenic imaginaryThe anthropocenic imaginary
A thesis Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy
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Subject: Social Studies Grade Level: 3rd grade Major ContentSubject: Social Studies Grade Level: 3rd grade Major Content
Students will develop an understanding of the important people and places that impacted slavery and the Underground Railroad
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York Blind and Partially Sighted Society Spring NewsletterYork Blind and Partially Sighted Society Spring Newsletter
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Theories of attachmentTheories of attachment
Bet You Thought That Babies Become Attached to Their Teddy Bears and Blankets
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