Relevance and Irrelevance of Marxian EcomomicsRelevance and Irrelevance of Marxian Ecomomics
Marxism-Leninism”: a deterministic picture of history, an economic picture of society and a mechanical understanding of dialectics as an eternal set of “laws of development” constructions which served above all as instruments of ideological justification for
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The historical significance of the soviet union by phil sharpe introductionThe historical significance of the soviet union by phil sharpe introduction
Cpsu and the international conflict which became known as the cold war. Furthermore, the theory of the degenerated workers state cannot explain how the bureaucracy became a ruling class and any vestige of socialism was eradicated by the domination of the
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Essential informationEssential information
Lectures: Lectures for this module will be held on Mondays, at 19: 00, in [location] during Term 1; and on Tuesdays, at 19: 00, in [location] during Term 2
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Engels\Engels' Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx's Original Manuscript
The text published by Engels is not a mere edition of Marx's manuscript, but a far-reaching adaptation, which can no longer be considered as volume III of Marx's Capital. Any future discussion will have to refer to Marx's original text
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