«GreetingLine» Early Modern Philosophy Workshop May 3, 2013«GreetingLine» Early Modern Philosophy Workshop May 3, 2013
For that I apologize. The paper is, however, at a stage where it would greatly benefit from your comments, objections, associations, and questions. So I inflict it on you anyway. With renewed apologies
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Descartes and Newton on the (In)Divisibility of SpaceDescartes and Newton on the (In)Divisibility of Space
Descartes postulate the existence of an infinitely extended entity and, although the respective entities they posit differ in dramatic ways, they both argue for its infinitude in the same way
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Supervenience ArgumentSupervenience Argument
We conclude with some polemical remarks about the conception of causation presupposed by Kim’s argument—a conception that appears to depart from that at work in science and commonsense discourse
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