Hundred years warHundred years war
True or False: The Hundred Years War was a constant battle with fierce fighting and no periods of peace
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Famous battles 1190BC: The Siege of TroyFamous battles 1190BC: The Siege of Troy
It is rather ironic that arguably the most famous of all battle tactics in the history of civilization took place during a war many believe only happened in legend
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The myth lingers onThe myth lingers on
The social misconstruction of reality. Validity and verification in the scholarly community. By Richard F. Hamilton. 289pp. Yale University Press
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Trenchers a brief HistoryTrenchers a brief History
Note: See also the files: trenchers-msg, wafers-msg, bread-msg, p-tableware-msg, utensils-msg, forks-msg, ovens-msg, flour-msg, grains-msg, breadmaking-msg, brd-mk-flat-msg, sops-msg
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Lecture 4 The History of UniversitiesLecture 4 The History of Universities
It’s got coursework, it’s got exams. Um, all these structures that you are used to studying under. And you know, of course, that to be a successful lecturer, you need to be publishing things
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