The history of the basic income guarantee in the united statesThe history of the basic income guarantee in the united states
Give a historical context of the Guaranteed Income movement – great political attention and tangible results in the 1960s and 70s. Discuss rise and fall of Negative Income Tax legislation in Congress, the nit experiments
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An Anglosphere PrimerAn Anglosphere Primer
Thus persons or communities who happen to communicate or do business in English are not necessarily part of the Anglosphere, unless their cultural values have also been shaped by those values of the historical English-speaking civilization
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Gettysburg (1993 film notes)Gettysburg (1993 film notes)
Ronald F. Maxwell and produced by Moctesuma Esparza and Robert Katz. Randy Edelman composed the score. The film stars Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels and Martin Sheen
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Did the Civil Rights Movement Improve Race Relations in the United States?Did the Civil Rights Movement Improve Race Relations in the United States?
D. C., and, in the studied cadence of a preacher, delivered his famous "i have a Dream" speech. For many Americans, black and white, King's speech represented the symbolic climax of the civil rights movement
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Civil War Events Timeline January 1861 The South SecedesCivil War Events Timeline January 1861 The South Secedes
South Carolina was followed by the secession of six more states Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas and the threat of secession by four more Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina
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Mark Aronoff Stony Brook UniversityMark Aronoff Stony Brook University
If some of the categories of natural languages are demonstrably unnatural, in the sense explored in this article, then it is most reasonable to assume that none of them are. The question then arises of how categories emerge if they are not given
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Chapter twelveChapter twelve
Convinced of the rightness of their cause, the evils of communism, and the poorer nations' longing for guidance, the Kennedy and Johnson administrations waged Cold War heedless of the consequences or costs
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Economic Policy and Economic GrowthEconomic Policy and Economic Growth
The hundreds of millions of people who live beneath the already miserly World Bank standard of poverty – one U. S. dollar a day – testify to the urgency of trying to understand why transformational economic growth does and does not happe
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The Great Depression “The Early Years”The Great Depression “The Early Years”
Realize the economic factors leading up to the hardships faced by the American people during the Great Depression
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September 16 18, 1862September 16 18, 1862
Meanwhile, towards the center of the battlefield, Union assaults against the Sunken Road would pierce the Confederate center after a terrible struggle for this key defensive position
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The significance of god’s image in man gerald Bray IntroductionThe significance of god’s image in man gerald Bray Introduction
Ancient Near Eastern influences of all kinds, scholars now tend to insist that the question of the image must be addressed in theological terms
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6 Information Isolationism (1921-1935)6 Information Isolationism (1921-1935)
Human and financial costs of the war were tremendous and achieved nothing. Failure to achieve the war aims of the United States. Belief that Europe was doomed to continual warfare and destruction. After Versailles
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