Facing Terror and Anti-Semitism in Europe. AgainFacing Terror and Anti-Semitism in Europe. Again
Many in France were prepared to believe that a Jew would be more loyal to other Jews – in Germany, for example – than to France. Though Alfred Dreyfus was the only Jew convicted of such a crime
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The ten hornsThe ten horns
This lesson will be devoted to daniel, ch. 7: 7-8 & 23-25, and ch. 8: 9-14 & 23-25, and will deal with the 10 horns of chapter 7 and the little horn of both chapter 7 and chapter 8
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Romans & Christians (I) PolytheismRomans & Christians (I) Polytheism
Being pious was very important, as the gods didn’t differentiate in punishment. The gods punished everyone for the fault of the few. Polytheists were generally more tolerant towards other religions than the monotheists were
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Eph Hanks Pioneer ScoutEph Hanks Pioneer Scout
In spring a few desert flowers grow around its base. In summer the red dust simmers in the air. During the day the dark mouths of deserted Indian caves stare hauntingly out at the endless vista of sagebrush
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Ancient Hebrew Research Center Biblical Hebrew e-magazineAncient Hebrew Research Center Biblical Hebrew e-magazine
Strong's #2167 is identified as meaning sing, praise and music. Strong's #2168 is identified as trim or prune. Both of these concepts, music and pruning, are related to the idea of "plucking," plucking a stringed instrument to make music
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Psalms for Climbing Psalms 120-134Psalms for Climbing Psalms 120-134
An EasyEnglish Translation with Notes (about 1200 word vocabulary) on Psalms 120-134
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