One american’s storyOne american’s story
The spread of democracy led to calls for freedom for slaves and more rights for women
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United states historyUnited states history
And to not know anything about them, to be indifferent to them, which is even worse than being ignorant is really mass ingratitude
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Us history to 1865 Instructor: Ryan Poe Course DescriptionUs history to 1865 Instructor: Ryan Poe Course Description
United States of America. Contingency is a crucial element to understanding diversity. Andrew Jackson was no more inevitably deigned to ethnically cleanse Native Americans than the Civil War was an unavoidable consequence of irreconcilable
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A voice from the pastA voice from the past
Anne Newport Royall was a travel writer. In her 1830 book Letters from Alabama, Royall recorded America's growing interest in religion. She also described hearing a preacher at a Tennessee revival, or meeting to reawaken religious faith
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Women’s Rights and Issues Families and the DomesticityWomen’s Rights and Issues Families and the Domesticity
Puritans did not believe in gender equality, Women were “helpmates” to husbands, and raised many children
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