Allusions, Allusions— DirectionsAllusions, Allusions— Directions
Age of Fable; and the Bible-the selections below are a good start. I also recommend reading the complete epic poems Odyssey and Iliad by Homer—I prefer the translation by Robert Fitzgerald
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Factual Information Quote ccotFactual Information Quote ccot
Direct Democracy, this style of government allowed for every male member of society to write and debate law
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Huns magyarsHuns magyars
B. C. and a bronze adze found in the county of Torontal, which is inscribed with the Szekler Runic Script, dates back to 5000 B. C. According to Grover Krantz, the Hungarian language is the oldest language in Europe
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Anthropological and historical research on greek societyAnthropological and historical research on greek society
Wiping out the Bulgar race:' Hatred, Duty and National Self-Fashioning in the Second Balkan War
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The Ancient GreeksThe Ancient Greeks
Greek myths describe an early civilization that developed on, an island southeast of the Greek mainland
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Ihsp ancient HistoryIhsp ancient History
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