Excerpts from \"King Leopold’s Ghost\" by Adam HochschildExcerpts from "King Leopold’s Ghost" by Adam Hochschild
An excerpt from the chapter “Meet Mr. Kurtz” in Adam Hochschild’s book King Leopold’s Ghost. The book critiques the brutal subjugation of the Congo
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Charter of Human ResponsibilitiesCharter of Human Responsibilities
Together with observance of the ample agreement, the suggestions for improvements were taken seriously into consideration for the final draft of the six theses and the guiding principles for the exercise of human responsibilities
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Preface to part IIPreface to part II
Church. I saw many of my most intimate friends destroyed, others daily carried to prison, and I had reason to believe, and had also intimations given me, that the same danger was approaching myself
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On western public andOn western public and
Islamic history, among which is the contribution of the Arabo-Muslim culture to Western civilisation. Philosophical and scientific contributions have already been discussed many times. The legacy of Islam in the field of international law
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Karl Marx 1847 The Poverty of Philosophy Answer to the Philosophy of Poverty by M. ProudhonKarl Marx 1847 The Poverty of Philosophy Answer to the Philosophy of Poverty by M. Proudhon
In this work Marx critiques the economic (chapter one) and philosophical (chapter two) doctrine of P. J. Proudhon
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Professor jean wilsonProfessor jean wilson
Why fotheringhay? The location of the trial and execution of mary, queen of scots
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King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam HochschildKing Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild
Newly arrived in the Congo, the young officer would be at the captain's side for the entire trip upstream, learning the river in preparation for taking command of a steamer himself
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Chapter 5 Life in the Eastern Hemisphere thinking about history and geographyChapter 5 Life in the Eastern Hemisphere thinking about history and geography
Chapter 5 stretches across Europe, Africa, and Asia before the peoples of the Eastern and Western hemispheres met. Following the time line, you see that throughout the world people were exploring and trading
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All abstruse reasoningAll abstruse reasoning
Morality and ethics can never be achieved via reasoning or logical deduction from truth claims as such constructions lack any ability to compel or incentivize action. David Hume1 explains
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Utopia, by Sir Thomas More introductionUtopia, by Sir Thomas More introduction
Canterbury, and nine months afterwards Lord Chancellor. Cardinal Morton--of talk at whose table there are recollections in "Utopia"--delighted in the quick wit of young Thomas More
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