Robert Manfredi Dr. BurmesterRobert Manfredi Dr. Burmester
His target was to change society and culture which would in turn change the world. Obviously, the speech was, and still is, effective in the fact that to this day it affects people, although the higher objective mentioned above has
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Guide to star trekGuide to star trek
This book is written to share with others some of the insights that emerge when watching Star Trek from a philosophical perspective
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Year for PriestsYear for Priests
Christ and His Church as ordained priests. There are Popes, Bishops, Missionaries, Monks, Martyrs and Parish Priests. Each served as a living Icon of Christ
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This is how to take over the worldThis is how to take over the world
There is no way to tell what that order will be, or to even recognize it when it first comes about. You’ll never see it coming; you’ll never know until it’s too late and you will never be able to stop it
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Franklin funniesFranklin funnies
American form of humor filled with clever wit, folksy wisdom, and a generous portion of irreverence. The tradition begun by Franklin was handed down to Mark Twain and, in modern times, to writers like Art Buchwald
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I. The Scientific RevolutionI. The Scientific Revolution
The Renaissance sparked curiosity in many fields; scholars began to question ideas that have been accepted for hundreds of years
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Ancient Greece: The Birth of DemocracyAncient Greece: The Birth of Democracy
In this painting, the great Athenian statesman Pericles (also pictured top left) argues a case before his fellow citizens. At rear is the Acropolis, or hill, of Athens, and the Parthenon, one of Pericles's greatest civic works
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There is but one problem — the only one in the world — to restore to men a spiritual content, spiritual concernsThere is but one problem — the only one in the world — to restore to men a spiritual content, spiritual concerns
March 2005 Viktor E. Frankl – one of the greatest minds of the 20th century: the psychiatrist, psychologist and philosopher – would be 100 years old
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Gwa-3 Decision Analysis Assignment: Modeling Historic Decisions: Hiroshima BombingGwa-3 Decision Analysis Assignment: Modeling Historic Decisions: Hiroshima Bombing
A decision analysis of the events leading to, and reasons why the United States chose to drop the first atomic bomb for warfare reasons
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Review of the road to reality roger PenroseReview of the road to reality roger Penrose
A more accurate title might be "Many Roads To Reality. " Only a very hidebound physicist ( a class to which Roger Penrose assuredly does not belong) or a religious fundamentalist would maintain that there is a unique road to reality
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Italian Renaissance Test Review Early RenaissanceItalian Renaissance Test Review Early Renaissance
A sample piece for a competition to create doors for the baptistery of San Giovanni (the Duomo) in Florence
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