Station 1: Development of the Two-Party System Hamiltonians vs. JeffersoniansStation 1: Development of the Two-Party System Hamiltonians vs. Jeffersonians
President George Washington appointed Alexander Hamilton as the Treasury Secretary, and Hamilton took it upon himself to develop an economic structure for the United States that would give the public confidence in the government’s
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John steinbeck: introductionJohn steinbeck: introduction
Latin phrase ad astra per alia porci—to the stars on the wings of a pig. The character, which he named "Pigasus," was meant as a reminder that man should always strive for higher ground, no matter how lowly his skills may seem
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American West Revision NotesAmerican West Revision Notes
Remember, when you are revising for the American West unit, that it is best tackled by dividing it up into the various sections. However, remember that all these things happen at the same time
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Native Americans Information from TeacherVision BooksNative Americans Information from TeacherVision Books
America. Native Americans are also called Indians and when they made their homes throughout North America they settled into four regions thus making four groups called culture areas
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How do you pronounce the word \"Cheyenne\"? What does it mean?How do you pronounce the word "Cheyenne"? What does it mean?
Dakota Sioux name for the Cheyennes, Šahiyenan, which may mean "relatives of the Cree." The name "Cheyenne" has been spelled many different ways, including Cheyanne, Chyenne, Sheyanne, and Shyanne
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Basin Region- north of Rio GrandeBasin Region- north of Rio Grande
The Karankawa lived around these bays and along the lagoons, mostly in the winter
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