Chapter 10 The Progressive EraChapter 10 The Progressive Era
America loves the underdog and these studies tell stirring tales of how muckraking journalists, reformers, and the leading progressive politicians overcame a corrupt system to reform the government and use the government to curb the worst excesses of the rise
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Define: Pacific Railway Act Transcontinental RailroadDefine: Pacific Railway Act Transcontinental Railroad
Railroads were a key to the development of mass production, mass consumption, and utilization of natural resources. They spurred the steel industry and boosted agriculture and ranching. Railroads [RR] created a national market and promoted the growth
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Theodore Roosevelt: Progressivism and the Bully Pulpit “bully pulpitTheodore Roosevelt: Progressivism and the Bully Pulpit “bully pulpit
I have got such a bully pulpit!" The word bully itself was an adjective of the time meaning "first- rate," somewhat like our use of the word "awesome." The term "bully pulpit" is still used today to describe the president's power to influence
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Sheridan county: Its Shape and its HeritageSheridan county: Its Shape and its Heritage
In northeastern montana, bordering North Dakota on the east and Canada on the north, lies Sheridan County, named for Genera Phil Sheridan of Civil War fame and later a leading military figure in the history of the West
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