Veit Rosenberger \"Individualization\"Veit Rosenberger "Individualization"
Graf's verdict for the moment. One of the approaches in tracking down “individualization” is to delve into the ancient epistolographic tradition. 2 In this paper, I would like to analyze the letters of Pliny, Trajan, Libanius and Julian
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Ethics as a ScienceEthics as a Science
Mill’s utilitarianism seeks the collective happiness of humankind. These ultimate ends are central to each philosopher’s moral theory, as they serve as the moral standard against which actions, principles, and characters are judged
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Kantian responseKantian response
Kant, had to be purely incidental to the moral action and ought to have no place in the decision regarding what action to take. In other words
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Dr. Ari Santas’ Notes on Kant’s Ethics I. ExpositionDr. Ari Santas’ Notes on Kant’s Ethics I. Exposition
Deontology is one such theory, so named because of its emphasis on duty
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Writing sample carol skrenesWriting sample carol skrenes
Kant recognize that his critique of pure practical reason is simultaneously a theory of right and a theory of value. The two fundamental notions condition each other in his conception of the object of the moral law. (See below.)
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Sir Gawain and the Green KnightSir Gawain and the Green Knight
More importantly, the hero usually undergoes a process of self-discovery in the course of his adventure, which enables him to reincorporate into society (represented by the courts) as a better version of himself
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Brookwood Labor College and Peace EducationBrookwood Labor College and Peace Education
Tied to the goal of unionization, moreover, was a peace education program unlike any other workers’ education endeavor in American history
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Source: ‘Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne’ (c. 817–836)Source: ‘Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne’ (c. 817–836)
Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne’ (c. 817–836), translated by Samuel Epes Turner
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Einhard: The Life of CharlemagneEinhard: The Life of Charlemagne
King; which were renunciation of their national religious customs and the worship of devils, acceptance of the sacraments of the Christian faith and religion, and union with the Franks to form one people
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The Courts Chapter SummaryThe Courts Chapter Summary
This concept has influenced the American judicial system. The two main components of common law are precedent, which is a court decision that will bear on subsequent cases, and stare decisis, which means to stand on decided cases
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The social and cultural backgroundThe social and cultural background
The King’s Men” at Hampton Court in front of King James 1 and Queen Anne, to celebrate the visit of the queen’s brother, King Christian 1V of Denmark
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