Negative Afrocentric Critique of Racial CosmopolitanismNegative Afrocentric Critique of Racial Cosmopolitanism
The 1ac is a profoundly flawed misreading of history--conceptualization of a "Black Atlantic" necessarily excludes the conceptualization of its totality--it reinscribes notions of modernity and diminishes its own sensibility
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The Jean Monnet ProgramThe Jean Monnet Program
Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law
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P. V. Research Institute, Varanasi 5P. V. Research Institute, Varanasi 5
Jainism is misunderstood and the history of Indian religion as well due to most of the sources being of foreign origin
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Yiddish in Imperial Russia’s Civil SocietyYiddish in Imperial Russia’s Civil Society
Although the reason d’être of Jewish philanthropic and mutual-aid organizations had little to do with Yiddish and many their activists even maintained that there was no such thing as the Yiddish language
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Ted Theodore: the proto KeynesianTed Theodore: the proto Keynesian
Labor Party, which made it extremely difficult for Theodore to implement his policies. In addition, corruption allegations led Theodore to stand aside as treasurer during a crucial period
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Professor Kessler Kitt WolfendenProfessor Kessler Kitt Wolfenden
Mill versus Mill: a study of the Contradictions Inherent in His Seminal Works
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The Myth of Potsdam Marc TrachtenbergThe Myth of Potsdam Marc Trachtenberg
The allies now had to decide what to do with the nation they had conquered. When the leaders of the three main allied powers met at Potsdam in July, this problem was naturally at the top of the agenda
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Judicial and Political Decision-Making: The Uncertain BoundaryJudicial and Political Decision-Making: The Uncertain Boundary
But it has never troubled practitioners, and rarely features in the judgments of the courts. Even in the academic literature, the debate has suffered from a relatively narrow focus on the experience of modern Britain
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Chapter 1: paradigms of explanationChapter 1: paradigms of explanation
On balance, I believe that our understanding of the modern world has been seriously impaired by this division of intellectual labour
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Overlooking the Obvious: Bringing International Politics Back into Ethnic Conflict ManagementOverlooking the Obvious: Bringing International Politics Back into Ethnic Conflict Management
I conclude by considering strategies for managing ethnic conflict that taken into account the difficulties of cooperation: minilateralism, subcontracting and the strategic manipulation of identity
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Middle Ages, with its agricultural economy and church-dominated intellectual and cultural life, was transformed into a society increasingly dominated by central political institutions, with an urban, commercial economy and lay patronage of
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