The Economy of Postcolonial Literature: Rohinton Mistry\The Economy of Postcolonial Literature: Rohinton Mistry's Such a Long Journey
In the following essay, Bahri examines Such a Long Journey and contends the strength of Mistry's writing comes from mixing native Indian dialects with the English of his primary reading audience
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Course descriptionsCourse descriptions
The course will utilize both lectures and lab experiments to study the biochemical processes of alcoholic fermentation. Areas of investigation will include yeast culture, carbohydrate chemistry, chemical composition of malt extracts
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Poetry for poetry\Poetry for poetry's sake” (1909) A. C. Bradley (1851–1935)
Of course this imaginative experience – if I may use the phrase for brevity – differs with every reader and every time of reading
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C tark 28. 9 Mnuscript version 2004-08-16 InC tark 28. 9 Mnuscript version 2004-08-16 In
In: Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen (eds.). 2004. Systems Intelligence – Discovering a Hidden Competence in Human Action and Organizational Life, Helsinki University of Technology: Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports, A88
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The Jews and Modern Capitalism Werner SombartThe Jews and Modern Capitalism Werner Sombart
Chapter 2: The Shifting of the Centre of Economic Life since the Sixteenth Century
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Sources and Effects of Ionizing RadiationSources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation
Summarizes the developments in radiation science in the years leading up to the new millennium
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History todayHistory today
European empires scrambled for African territories, Leopold imposed a system of slaughter, slavery, torture and mass murder in his effort to maximise the profits from ivory and wild rubber. Joseph Conrad immortalised these horrors in his Heart of
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Mark Twain: \"Cradle Skeptic\" Revised version (Sept. 1997)Mark Twain: "Cradle Skeptic" Revised version (Sept. 1997)
University of North Texas. There, under the mentorship, friendship, and daunting professionalism of David Kestersen, Martha Nichols, and most particularly, my committee chair, James T. F
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