Timeline on Japanese-American Internment 1790Timeline on Japanese-American Internment 1790
The U. S. Congress, in a law passed on March 26, 1790, states that any alien, being a free white person who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for a term of two years
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Subject Area: Social Studies, U. S. History SynopsisSubject Area: Social Studies, U. S. History Synopsis
Lincoln, which sparked the secession of the Southern States from the Union and the Civil War. Discusses the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Gettysburg, and the Gettysburg Address
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Family photoFamily photo
America. This project will help you explore reasons for immigration in the 1920’s, the struggles of an immigrant family, the experiences from an immigrant’s perspective, and the historical trends that have occurred
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Nineteenth-Century Latin America Dr. Emily BerquistNineteenth-Century Latin America Dr. Emily Berquist
How can we explain the different paths chosen by the new nations, and how should we understand the case of Cuba, which remained a colony of Spain until the final decade of the century?
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Chapter 3 Deciding What’s Right: a psychological Approach ContentsChapter 3 Deciding What’s Right: a psychological Approach Contents
Contents: (Please note: the Instructor Guide for every chapter will follow this structure.)
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