Cultural InteractionCultural Interaction
Although the two allies had joined forces to defeat the Nazis, the two armies had been fighting on different fronts. Now, as they moved across German territory—the American soldiers from the west and the Soviet soldiers from the east—they came face-to-face at the
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New Political Ideas and RevolutionsNew Political Ideas and Revolutions
China, or divine right as European kings declared. Between 1750 and 1914, absolute rulers almost everywhere lost power, and the rule of law became a much more important political principle
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African-American Postal Workers in the 19th CenturyAfrican-American Postal Workers in the 19th Century
Post Office Department headquarters. By the beginning of the 21st century, one in five United States postal employees was African-American, serving at all levels of the Postal Service
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Instructional objectivesInstructional objectives
Understand the economic and ideological causes of the American, the French, and the Haitian Revolutions
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Nationalism? What is imperialismNationalism? What is imperialism
Why do you think Spanish is the primary language of Latin America? What other languages are spoken commonly?
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World war II part 2 backgroundWorld war II part 2 background
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Conquest by the CradleConquest by the Cradle
Most of the population was densely cooped up east of the Alleghenies, though by 1775, some had slowly trickled into Tennessee and Kentucky
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David Walker and the Political Theology of Slave ResistanceDavid Walker and the Political Theology of Slave Resistance
Book? perhaps the Americans do their very best to keep my Brethren from receiving and reading my ‘Appeal’ for fear they will find in it an extract which I made from their Declaration of Independence, which says, ‘we hold these truths to be
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The french revolution and napoleonThe french revolution and napoleon
Different models of political sovereignty affected the relationship among states and between states and individuals
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Ap euro framework- study guide: Period 2: c. 1648-c. 1815 period 2: c. 1648Ap euro framework- study guide: Period 2: c. 1648-c. 1815 period 2: c. 1648
For each of the underlined key people, terms, concepts, and events included in the framework (including the examples) – id & explain their importance. For the examples, also focus on why they are an example of that concept
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African Abolition Struggles and Opposition MovementsAfrican Abolition Struggles and Opposition Movements
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Australia and the Asia-Pacific Rosita Dellios 2005 week 9: the not so peaceful pacificAustralia and the Asia-Pacific Rosita Dellios 2005 week 9: the not so peaceful pacific
Palau, to name but the most turbulent of the usa’s Micronesian ‘quasi-empire’. 3 Problems may be traced not only to relations among contending cultures
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Unit 6: nationalism and industrialization metternich BismarckUnit 6: nationalism and industrialization metternich Bismarck
European ideas and culture expressed a tension between objectivity and scientific realism on one hand, and subjectivity and individual expression on the other
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[this version: 9-30-07] Table of Contents[this version: 9-30-07] Table of Contents
Barclay, Donald A., Maguire, James H., and Wild, Peter, eds. Into the Wilderness Dream: Exploration Narratives of the American West, 1500-1805. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1994. F592. I68
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Cold War era. Essential UnderstandingCold War era. Essential Understanding
Standard 7-5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of international developments during the Cold War era
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