Empire. The Roman EmpireEmpire. The Roman Empire
Book of Kells is an ancient manuscript—a book written out by hand long before printing was invented. It contains the words of the four Gospels of the Bible and is decorated with many beautiful pictures called illuminations
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The Catholic Church: Major Themes and Historical MarkersThe Catholic Church: Major Themes and Historical Markers
Church =the assembly of those called by God (ekklesia in Greek, ecclesia in Latin); the word, Church, in English, and Kirche, in German comes from the Greek word, kyriake, which means “what belongs to the Lord”
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Europe, Russia, North and South America and many countries in Africa. Throughout this section we will mainly cover the central concepts of the Christian religion but also point out where the various denominations differ from one another in their beliefs
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Believing in the Global South by Philip JenkinsBelieving in the Global South by Philip Jenkins
Christianity, a religion that was born in Africa and Asia, has in our lifetimes decided to go home. Our traditional concept of the Christian world as a predominantly white and Euro-American world-of western Christianity
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The Common Origins of the World’s Major ReligionsThe Common Origins of the World’s Major Religions
It is ironic that in many cases, the persecution that a particular group faces happens to be at the hands of the mainstream of a society who at one time or another had been persecuted themselves for their religious beliefs
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The Pax Romana (31 b c.–a d. 450)The Pax Romana (31 b c.–a d. 450)
Europe. They should be able to assess the fruits of the Pax Romana. They should also be able to explain the appeal of Christianity and describe its impact on the Roman world
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The End of the World?The End of the World?
I've often been asked, Fr. Dan, I have a good friend that's really caught up with these tv evangelists who always preach some sort of doom and gloom
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Leonardo da vinciLeonardo da vinci
His precisely observed, elegant drawings in all these fields and in human anatomy qualify him as the founder of modern scientific illustration
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161 religious encyclopedia harmoa Harmony of the Gospels161 religious encyclopedia harmoa Harmony of the Gospels
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