African-American Historical Notebook/PrimerAfrican-American Historical Notebook/Primer
This paradigm deepens as we are socialized in the world. Why do we start off this way? Because it is necessary to be flexible and broad minded to begin to receive aspects of the truth
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Work Refusal and Self-Organization1Work Refusal and Self-Organization1
We need an equally clear awareness of how they are still being used to control us, of the degree to which our use of them undermines that control, and of alternatives that move us beyond money, credit and debt altogether
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The History DetectiveThe History Detective
Since in the 17th century both Native Americans and Africans were enslaved by the white American colonists, why did American slavery ultimately become a virtually all black institution?
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Our opinion that, after analysis, the automotive industry holds the greatest transnational potential is explained and further research is outlined
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Chapter 9 “Middle America and Spanish-Speaking South America” pg. 252-287Chapter 9 “Middle America and Spanish-Speaking South America” pg. 252-287
Many ecotourists visit the various natural habitats in Central America. Why do you think ecotourism has become so popular?
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Historical BackgroundHistorical Background
Peter I of Russia came to the throne in 1682. Known as Peter the Great, he was a brilliant but highly controversial ruler. He made Russia into a great power although he brutally oppressed many
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Catherine II for more than 30 yearsCatherine II for more than 30 years
Europe. Her critics point to her unscrupulous methods, undisciplined private life, and lack of compassion for the poor. She identified her own interests with those of the Russian state and worked without respite for its glorification
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A lesser Evil? Italian Fascism in/and the Totalitarian EquationA lesser Evil? Italian Fascism in/and the Totalitarian Equation
Di prossima pubblicazione in: The Lesser Evil: Moral Approaches to Genocide Practices in a Comparative Perspective, a cura di Helmut Dubiel and Gabriel Motzkin
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Learning the Document Based Question: Point of ViewLearning the Document Based Question: Point of View
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California explorers bering, vitus jCalifornia explorers bering, vitus j
Vitus Jonassen Bering (1681-1741) was a Danish explorer and navigator who explored the seas off Alaska and northeastern Siberia. Bering was a sublieutenant in the fleet of Tsar Peter I the Great of Russia
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Behind Bars: Cross Cultural Representation of the Prison in the 20th CenturyBehind Bars: Cross Cultural Representation of the Prison in the 20th Century
This course satisfies the A&S requirements for literature and comparative foreign culture. It addresses a variety of sensitive and controversial topics, and students should be prepared to discuss them in a mature and intellectual manner
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